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Captain Marvel’s New Suit in Avengers Endgame LEAKED

Captain Marvel is about to release in theatres all over the world on 8th March. And even before the launch of the debut movie of the Marvel character, an image from upcoming Avengers: End Game featuring Captain Marvel has been leaked online. The image also features new Captain Marvel suit, and Marvel fans are going crazy about it.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female-led movie is about to hit the box-office. We already have seen the trailers of the film, which launched a few months back. The trailer showed a glimpse of Captain Marvel in action with her two different suits.

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Captain Marvel is going to play a significant role in the upcoming Avengers: End Game according to hardcore Marvel fans. But we haven’t seen her in the End Game trailer and the TV spot released during Superbowl on February 3. There can be many reasons for which the directors chose not to reveal her in the trailer, but her appearance is confirmed.

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The image that we are talking about is from the Avengers: Endgame. You can see the image below. Here, Captain Marvel is standing and talking to Black Widow, most probably. And the most exciting part of this image is the suit of Captain Marvel. In the trailers, we see Carol Danvers in her different superhero suit in red, blue and golden. But here, we can see the suit in the upgraded form. And not only this, if you observe, you can figure out the new hairstyle too. It looks great, but we are not sure, what exactly this means.

Captain Marvel New Suit

Captain Marvel is releasing on 8th of March, and we might get some clue about this from the movie.

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