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Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 8 Spoilers Predictions

Finally, the match we all were waiting for, begins between Nankatsu and Shutetsu. Previously, when the match was held between these two teams, Shutetsu manages to win 30-0 against the feeble side Nankatsu. Below we have tried to help you out as what might can happen in the next episode, for that read Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 8 Spoilers Predictions

Shutetsu team is already known for their strong offensive and defensive play, their offensive line is rock solid with their famous trio Taki, Izawa, Kisugi and their defence is like a mountain thanks to the Genzo Wakabayashi, who has been training hard to win against our her Tsubasa Ozora

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 8 Spoilers Predictions
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Both the teams were excited to win against each other, on the one side after being trained by Roberto Hongo, the confidence of Nankatsu team has been high and while on the other, under the captaincy of Wakabayashi, the Team Shutestu was ready to fire in the important match.

In Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 7, we observed that Shutestu was unable to score any goals in the first half of the match as Tsubasa has taken center back position and was stopping all the shots made by the Famous trio of Shutestu team. But being provoked by Wakabayashi in the end, Tsubasa was unable to keep his calm and went to the forward position to accept Wakabayashi challenge of scoring a goal against him. Well, many people are present to lend support and cheer for Tsbuasa in the stadium including his Dad, mother and Sanae, which will surely boost Tsubasa confidence.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 8 Spoilers Predictions

1) Will Nankatsu Win? 

We already know that Shutestu has already managed to pick up a goal against the Nankatsu, when Tsubasa changed his position to the forward line. One who pinned the goal in the nets for Shutestu was Kisugi. Now, as Nankatsu is one down already and Tsubasa is already holding up the forward line for Nankatsu, it will be difficult for them to defend against the trio attack from Shutestu team. We can expect Ishizaki to take some control of the ball and creating passes for Tsubasa to score a goal. In the defence, the team will be highly motivated to play with all grit against the strong offensive line of Shutestu. It is difficult to say, that Nankatsu will win, the best possibility we are thinking here is a draw, as Tsubasa can manage to get the ball past Wakabayashi but he can only hope for Nankatsu defence to stand up and not let any other goals to happen

2) Who will win Challenge Tsubasa or Wakabayashi? – Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 8 Spoilers Predictions

Well, we can certainly predict here is that Tsubasa will manage to score against Wakabayashi in this match, due to his incredible by birth born talent for football while Wakabayashi trains really hard to stand against the talent and skills of Tsubasa. Wakabayashi will stop few more shots from Tsubasa but the after learning the graph, Tsubasa will manage to snatch a goal against him, which will surely shock the Wakabayashi and his team.


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