List of all shadow and purified Pokemon in update 0.149.0

Pokemon Go Update 0.149.0

Pokemon Go update 0.149.0 is rolling out to Android users and will hit across all the platforms very soon. According to early reports, Pokemon Go update 0.149.0 brings reworked Appraisal tool with an attractive UI and fast performance. The new charged attacks have also been introduced in the game along with new minigames. The major … Read more

Apex Legends ranked league end of season rewards leaked

Apex legends season 2

To revive the battle royale game based in Titanfall world, Respawn Entertainment injected Apex Legends season 2 with a lot of content and significant changes. Ranked League mode was a major addition to the game which introduced ranked based play and skill-based matchmaking in the game. At EA Play 2019, director of the game mentioned … Read more

Download Indian Air Force: A Cut Above Android/iOS APK

Download Indian Air Force: A Cut Above Android

Indian Air Force is doing a great job in creating awareness among the youth of the nation to join the Air Force. Not only this, to elevate the enthusiasm, the organization collaborated with a game developing company to launch an all-new flight simulator based game called Guardians of the Skies. The game was a great … Read more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta release date leaked

Almost all big gaming production company holds a beta release of their megaproject before the official release date. The developers use the data and feedback from players to the fine game before the full release, so the game performs well. Recent COD titles, such as WWII and Black Ops 4 all had betas for fans … Read more

Pokemon Go Team Rocket event first look, special research, new badges, moves and shadow Pokemon

Pokemon Go has revealed the first look of much anticipated Team Rocket Invasion event. Thanks to the Apple App Store which has released new preview images showing a Team Rocket grunt standing in front of the PokeStop disc. The store didn’t mention the reference, but the Team Rocket invasion event is about to start soon. … Read more

Swampert’s exclusive move confirmed for Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go community day

This month’s Community Day is going to feature the Gen 3 water-type starter Pokemon Mudkip. During the three hours window, Mudkip’s spawn rate will be increased, and also trainers will have a great opportunity to catch shiny Mudkip easily than normal hours. During Community Day, featured Pokemon also evolve into and learns an exclusive move. … Read more

New Apex Legends leak suggests that a Portable Respawn Beacon is coming soon

Apex Legends Leak

Amid Apex Legends season 1, Respawn Entertainment discovered an innovative way to revive the dead teammates by collecting their death card. Since the introduction of the feature, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t touched the system, but it looks like that they could bring a change in reviving system very soon. Portable Respawn Beacon A leaked sound file … Read more

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gunfight Maps, Weapons list till now

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Captain Price New Voice Actor Photo

Infinity Ward gave us a glimpse of the multiplayer side of the game in yesterday’s 2v2 Gunfight reveal stream. Although almost all of the multiplayer portion of the game yet to be disclosed, Gunfight mode showcased of a variety of maps, weapons, lethal items and more. Based on the official 2v2 Gunfight gameplay shown on … Read more