How to Get Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode on Other Devices.

Google’s latest creation of 2017 the Google pixel 2 and pixel 2XL have faced lot of problems since the day one when they were launched.But have the best ever camera in smartphone till date which was agreed by almost Everyone. The highlight of the Google pixel 2 smartphone is that is takes really incredible portrait … Read more

What is HDR ,when and how to use it.

Have you ever seen a HDR setting mode in your smartphone’s camera? If yes, what does that mean? First of all, we will discuss about DR, it  stands for Dynamic Range, it  describes the ratio between the maximum and minimum measurable light intensities ( white and black respectively). Similarly HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. … Read more

How to use new superzoom feature on instagram.

Instagram always brings some new features to its user and now a brand new feature called “Superzoom” has made its way to Instagram. The Superzoom features are within the Instagram app -camera and it’s one of the most fun Instagram features I have used. Using this feature you can record videos of the camera zooming … Read more