Apex Legends ranked league end of season rewards leaked

Apex legends season 2

To revive the battle royale game based in Titanfall world, Respawn Entertainment injected Apex Legends season 2 with a lot of content and significant changes. Ranked League mode was a major addition to the game which introduced ranked based play and skill-based matchmaking in the game. At EA Play 2019, director of the game mentioned … Read more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta release date leaked

Almost all big gaming production company holds a beta release of their megaproject before the official release date. The developers use the data and feedback from players to the fine game before the full release, so the game performs well. Recent COD titles, such as WWII and Black Ops 4 all had betas for fans … Read more

New Apex Legends leak suggests that a Portable Respawn Beacon is coming soon

Apex Legends Leak

Amid Apex Legends season 1, Respawn Entertainment discovered an innovative way to revive the dead teammates by collecting their death card. Since the introduction of the feature, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t touched the system, but it looks like that they could bring a change in reviving system very soon. Portable Respawn Beacon A leaked sound file … Read more

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gunfight Maps, Weapons list till now

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Captain Price New Voice Actor Photo

Infinity Ward gave us a glimpse of the multiplayer side of the game in yesterday’s 2v2 Gunfight reveal stream. Although almost all of the multiplayer portion of the game yet to be disclosed, Gunfight mode showcased of a variety of maps, weapons, lethal items and more. Based on the official 2v2 Gunfight gameplay shown on … Read more

New Call of Duty leak claims that Modern Warfare will have exorbitant amount of weapons and maps

How Call of Duty Modern Warfare cross-play explained Infinity Ward devs Photo

After the worldwide reveal of Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign mode, Infinity Ward revealed a glimpse of the multiplayer side with a live stream of 2v2 Gunfight mode on July 11. With most of the Multiplayer details still clouded, more speculations, rumours and leaks are turning up. New Call of Duty leak None other … Read more

This game-breaking Apex Legends glitch is making Wraith unstoppable

Apex Legends glitch

A game-breaking Apex Legends glitch allows Wraith players to use her “into the void” tactical ability multiple time back to back without any cooldown. Into the void is one of the powerful tactical ability in the game which grants Wraith an increase in speed and makes her invulnerable to damage. Wraith Apex Legends glitch The … Read more

New COD league will use 5 modes and reverse CTF in Modern Warfare

New COD League details

After the most awaited reveal of Modern Warfare single player campaign mode, Infinity Ward is still keeping silence about multiplayer side of the game. Players are still wondering what to expect from the competitive modes of the game. According to the previous reports, COD World League will be revamped in MW as COD eSports is … Read more

Dragons are flying in King’s Canyon ahead of Apex Legends Season 2 release

Apex Legends Dragon

After a lot of speculations and then officially teased by Respawn, Dragons have begun to appear in Apex Legends ahead of season 2. They are officially called Flyers in-game, and they are currently flying around King’s Canyon. Dragon Spotted!!!! I just saw it again @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex 🧐😱🤯it’s called a FLYER, once you shoot it down … Read more

New Apex Legends glitch allows players to shoot through closed doors

New Apex Legends Glitch

A new Apex Legends glitch has become a hot topic within a day which allows players to shoot through the closed doors. Experience a new glitch has become a normal thing for players as the game is already suffering from a lot of critical glitches and bugs since the release. Released in February, the game … Read more

Respawn teases that Leviathans could cause mayhem in Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Leviathans

Respawn Entertainment have released a cryptic message which suggests that Leviathans in Apex Legends could cause a significant change on the map in season 2. Apex Legends Leviathans Since the game’s launch, Leviathans were standing near the surrounding water of King’s Canyon. Now, ahead of Apex Legends season 2 release, they have started moving toward … Read more