Pavilion 15 and Omen 15 gaming laptops launched in India

HP Pavilion 15 Omen 15 laptops launch

HP has launched two new laptops, Pavilion 15 and Omen 15 aimed at the gaming market in order to boost its gaming portfolio in India. The Pavilion 15 is aimed at the mainstream, budget gamers whereas the Omen 15 is aimed at professionals who are looking for a relatively affordable device to play on the … Read more

Svennoss Fortnite Settings | Who is Svennoss

Svennoss Fortnite Settings

If you are regular and experienced player of the famous battle royale, Fortnite, you are already aware, that a single match with your squad is not an easy task, players need input their best skills to get the title. Pro players like Ninja, Dakota, Shroud can be seen winning the match easily, but it needs a ton of … Read more

Stormen Fortnite Settings | Who is Stormen

Stormen Fortnite Settings

Getting the Victory Royale title in Fortnite is a hard task, even the experienced players need to break the sweat to crack it. You might have seen a pro player like Ninja, Nickmercs, Tfue winning the match easily, but behind that are parameters like skill, quick reaction and also the game settings. Game settings can be … Read more

Tfue Fortnite Settings | Who is Tfue

Tfue Fortnite Settings

Are you finding it harder to get the Victory Royale on the popular and addictive game, Fortnite? It is really a hard task to get that win, but not impossible at all. Pro players from all over the world also don’t think it to be that much easier. All they have is the skills in … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs Of 2018 You Should Check Out Before Buying

When it comes to the best gaming chairs, people look comforts, aesthetics, material, adjustment features, ergonomic factors in the chairs. So we have compiled a list of top 10 gaming chairs or office chairs which will help you to decide to buy a perfect chair for yourself. Top 10 Gaming Chairs Best Office Chairs Or … Read more

( LOL ) League Of Legends Guide-League Of Legends Champion Pyke Abilities

Lol Champion Pyke

Riot has finally revealed League Of Legends Champion Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper. According to the Riot games, the latest lol champion Pyke is a support player. But his abilities are very different and unique by which you not only save teammates but can stop enemies to enter in laning phase. After the revealing Riot games … Read more

Sony At E3 2018- Sony Will Showcase Only 4 Games


The biggest exhibition event of the year, E3 ( Electronic Entertainment Expo ) is only one month away from us. Every year many gaming giants showcase their newly announced games, reveals new games and the hardware. Every year E3 comes with new surprises, unexpected sequels get announced out of nowhere. This year for Sony at E3 2018 … Read more

Fortnite Battle Royale Next Limited Time Mode Is Teased By Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale players are already enjoying the frantic and limited time Blitz Mode. The big news is that the new limited time mode is already teased by Epic Games. Today, On the Reddit a user suggested of extending the Blitz game mode beyond the scheduled date. In its reply, Epic Games community manager K.L. Smith … Read more