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CES 2019 All Google Assistant Products at the event

CES 2019 will kick off today with Nvidia press conference, and in this biggest tech event for the year, all the tech companies will display their best inventions. Last year at CES, we have seen tech companies focusing on AI & virtual reality, and we are likely to see more advanced products in the same direction for this year. As voice assistant, is becoming part of our daily life with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa playing a major role, we will see more smart products at CES 2019 supporting these technologies. Let us take a look at CES 2019 products which are powered with Google Assistant. We will keep updating this post with more products, as the CES 2019 event will run through.

CES 2019: Google Assistant Products 

C Smart Lighting by GE

GE will display C smart lighting solution, whose lineup includes LED Bulbs, light switches, dimmers, smart plugs, and sensors. The devices will support Google Assistant and can be controlled through voice commands.

C Lighting by GE

The devices also offer support for Alexa, while the support of Apple HomeKit will come later this year.

D-Link Battery Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Water leaks happen more often, but now the technology has a solution for it. D-Link sensor, which operates wirelessly sends a signal whenever it detects leaks with its probe. The device comes with a 6-foot probe and it offers support for both Google Home Products and Google Assistant.

D-Link Water Sensor


Kohler Smart Bathroom

Do you love fancy Bathroom, if the answer is yes, Kohler is offering a solution for it. Kohler’s smart bathroom has a collection of items which feature an intelligent toilet, a lighted mirror, a lighted three-piece vanity. All the lights of this smart toilet can be controlled through voice commands via Google Assistant.

Koelher Smart Bathroom

Gourmia 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker

Have you ever felt a need for smart Multicooker ?. The new Gourmia Multicooker costing $150 works with Google Assistant. It also supports Gourmia’s Mia mobile app. With this product in hand, you can watch your favourite show and do the cooking at the same time.


Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar

Home theatre sound Bars usually don’t give us many options to add external devices. But the Klipsch Bar 40 G offers Google Assistant support which means you play and stop the music easily through your voice inputs.


Vuzix Blade

You have might have seen smart glasses in movies which can take photos and videos, well now you can do the same in real life too with the Vuzix Blade Smart glasses which can capture photos and videos. It can also display the captured images, videos on the smart glasses lenses. Also, It has an integrated headset for audio.



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