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 How to Change Navigation bar to black in Samsung Galaxy S9

Change Navigation bar to black in Samsung Galaxy S9 !!

Recently the Samsung launched their flagships the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at MWC 2018. No Doubt the Phones have and best and high end features , and some noticeable things like the Ultra Slow motion videos at insane 960fps(How does it works) and AR Emojis(How to use them).

There are many hidden features in Samsung Galaxy S9 that are deep buried under settings but one many people can’t find is the option for a black navigation bar. Sadly this is not available in the Samsung’s UI. But you can always use third party apps . So read further How to Change Navigation bar to black in Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Here are the steps to Change Navigation bar to black in Samsung Galaxy S9

Step 1. Download and install NavBar Apps from Play Store
you have use a third-party app to achieve the black navigation bar and Navbar apps is best for it. Download it from play store or just hit the link below to the download page on the Play Store, then press “Install.”
Install Navbar Apps for free from the Google Play Store

Step 2 . You have to Enable Access to Accessibility Services on your Samsung Galaxy S9. After opening Navbar Apps, you have to grant the app access to Accessibility Services to get started. This will allow to give access to app to work its magic and change the color of the navigation bar to anything you choose.

When you will open the navbar apps .A prompt will pop up to enable accessibility services, but you can find the option later by tapping the menu button at the top right, then General Settings –> Open Accessibility Services settings. Scroll down to bottom of the Accessibility services menu, click on “Navbar Apps,” then toggle the switch to enable access.

Step 3 . Set Navigation Bar Color to Static Black

Now open the Navbar Apps and at home page of it, you will find two different options for the color of the navigation bar.

The first option will be for the Color option for your current app. That is it will take the Color from the app you are currently using. But this is a very common one and we here are taking about Static Black, so you can skip to option second.

The second option is one by which you will set the static color. Tap on the settings next to the static color icon — it will brings up a color wheel from which you can choose desired shade. As we focused on black , so Select black and then tap on Select This color .By doing this Your navigation bar should turn black.

At the bottom of the home page there are couple of other options to make the notification bar more funny like there is an option to add an image to navigation bar. But this ruins the simplicity of the static dark theme. You just ignore it if your ultimate aim is to apply dark theme.

Step 4 . Set the Navigation Bar to Black When Keyboard Is Open

By following above steps Navigation Bar on your Samsung Galaxy S9 will remain black most of the time but the problem may sometimes lie when you open your keyboard for typing. Opening keyword sometimes changes the Color of the Navigation Bar.
To fix this issue go to General Settings –> Color of Navigation Bar when Keyboard is opened and set it to black.
This will fix the problem of changing the Color of navigation bar while your keyboard is opened.

If you don’t want to use animations that appear during the color changing of the navigation bar , you can adjust that too in Navbar apps. The customization options are limitless with Navbar Apps.So that’s all for How to Change Navigation bar to black in Samsung Galaxy S9.  Enjoy!


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