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How to change WiFi password: Step-by-Step

WiFi router is the best way to get a decent internet connection on a budget, it’s the most popular way to get connected these days with controlled data speed and range. It’s easy to use after setup, but sometimes you need to change WiFi password. The process of changing password not a difficult but, not many of users are not aware of that, so here’s,

How to change WiFi password

Before starting, you need to know, How to find router’s IP Address?

IP address of the router is similar in a manner. The most common IP addresses are and , these will work most probably. We have checked these IP addresses with the TP-Link and Linksys routers. But if it doesn’t work, another method of finding the IP address is by searching it on by using “IP address of” before the name of the router or search IP address in the documentation of the router. Like you need to find D Link’s IP address, so enter “IP address of D Link”.

IP address of some commonly used routers:-



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STEP 1 –

First of all, to change WiFi password, connect your PC to the WiFi and enter in the router configuration. We can enter router configuration in 2 ways―

1. By IP Address: the First method of entering the router configuration is by entering the IP address of the router in the browser. If you’ve entered the correct IP address then you will be directed to get a dialog box to login. And you need to enter the username and password here. You need not worry about this, as in almost all cases the Username is “admin” and the Password is “admin” or the word “password”.

2. By Router login: This method can be done if you are having any problem in finding the IP address of your WiFi router. For this in your browser type or , after which you will get a dialog box to login. And you need to enter the username and password here, and we have mentioned earlier, in almost all cases the Username is “admin” and the Password is “admin” or “password”.

STEP 2 –

After entering the WiFi configuration the next step to find the security section of the router. All options related to the the type of security and management of password can be done in the Wireless section. So, find the Wireless option in the configuration page. It can be found easily in almost all the routers. We’ve checked the configuration of TP Link and Netgear routers.

But if it wireless section has multiple subsections, find security option.
In the same section, you can easily find the password of the router. It might have a different name like Password, PSK Password, Passphrase.

STEP 3 –

There are three main types of wireless security: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. For the most secure network, you must use WPA2 on your WiFi. You might run into issues connecting older devices, however, in which case you could switch to WPA or WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK. Selecting WEP is NOT recommended, as WEP security is very easy to break it take less than half an hour, to crack a WEP password, and this type of security is of no use, can be easily cracked using an app. Switch the WiFi encryption to WPA or WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK.

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STEP 4 –

Finally, the last step is to change the password. For this look for the same password box in the Wireless section of the WiFi configuration page. Enter the new password for the WiFi, make it stronger by using a combination of letters and numbers. And at last, don’t forget to save the settings and change that you have made.

Now, if you’ve done that you have successfully changed the password for your WiFi. You need to enter the new password in all of the devices even if they are connected with the WiFi router.

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