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Microsoft may be Working on an Affordable Surface Tablet, to Cost $400

Microsoft is reportedly working on a cheap Surface Tablet. The new affordable Surface Tablet will cost you around $400. What does this $400 Surface Tablet entail? Let’s find out!

Is this the First Cheap Surface Tablet?

No, this is not the first attempt by Microsoft to produce an affordable Surface Tablet. The Surface RT, Surface 2 and Surface 3 were Microsoft’s pet projects which it released with great hopes. The tablet market turned out to be ruthless and lack of features and unfinished OS ports made them less usable than the iPad and Android Tablets. The Surface 3 was discontinued in 2016, costing the company close to a Billion Dollars in loss.

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Microsoft hasn’t seen any proper profits from its tablet business, while their hybrid laptops have taken off. Ever since Surface Pro 3 was a huge success, Microsoft figured out the formula. They kept sticking to the design and making only a few incremental software and hardware changes.

The problem is that Microsoft wants to compete in the education sector. But with the price of the current Surface Pro at $799, it can be hardly justified. Schools would rather buy iPads ($299) or Chromebooks(Around the same price or cheaper). Both of them support a variety of software meant for education purposes.

The Speculated Features of the $400 Surface Tablet

cheap surface tablet

Microsoft hopes to get a comeback in the sector. A Microsoft Surface Tablet passed through the FCC this week. The affordable Surface Tablet will reportedly have a 10 inch screen. Instead of the Microsoft proprietary charging connector, the tablet will have a USB type-C connector. It will be lighter than Surface Pros and will have storage sizes of 64GB and 128GB. The cheap Surface Tablet will also support 9 to 10 hours of battery life, along with LTE.

That’s all that we have on the device. Excited for the new $400 Surface Tablet? Share your thoughts with us below!


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