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How to check smartphone radiation levels : Two Ways

Smartphones are the important part of life these days, it will be right to say, we can’t live without it. We constantly remain in touch with it the whole day and night. But we have never even thought about the bad effect of it on our health. The electromagnetic radiations are harmful for health, and specially when we get exposured to it for a long time and it gets worse when your smartphone exposes a high amount of radiations. You can check smartphone radiation, once you came to know about the SAR value.

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What is SAR value?

The radiation exposure
limits use a unit of measurement
known as the Specific Absorb
tion Rate, or SAR. The SAR limit
for mobile devices is 1.6 W/
kg (~20 W/Kg, in Europe). If the SAR value of your device is less than 1.6W/Kg then it’s safe. SAR are conducted against the head with the device transmitting at its highest
certified power level in all tested
frequency bands although
during normal use.

How to check smartphone radiation levels

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You can check smartphone radiation level or SAR value in 3 ways

1. Check SAR value of any device on web.

This is the method you can easily use if you want to check smartphone radiation of the unavailable device. To check the SAR value of any smartphone, you can simply enter the model name of the smartphone followed by a phrase such as ‘SAR value’ into a search engine, e.g, Oneplus 5 SAR value, and you will get the SAR value of your device.

You check it on the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) website, you need to know the gurantee code and the product code of your device. You can find the code inside the smartphone back cover, you will be able to find it near the battery, or you might have to remove it. If you have a non- removable battery pack you need not have to worry, codes are often printed on the back of the phone or you can get them in the user manual.

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2. By running a USSD code

This is the easiest and most handy way to check the smartphone radiation levels or the SAR value. For this you need enter a USSD code or Quick Code in the dialler. You need to enter *#07# and you are done. You will be shown the SAR value of your device.

You can easily check the SAR value of your device or any other device and be aware of this. You must not use the smartphone if it’s SAR value if more than 1.6 W/kg. As it will surely will play a lead role in your bad health.

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