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China’s Answer to Amazon Go,Uses Face Recognition to Retail Stores

China’s automated store

Two years ago in 2016 Amazon introduced its Go store and finally opened it on January 22 this year. The store seems to be a great way to shop and has received positive feedback from its customers. The store is occupied with lots of sensors to track and keep a look on the items picked and an taken away by customers. To know the details in depth about What Amazon Go store is and How does it works read our article – How Amazon GO store works?

Image result for chinese automated storeWhile Amazon was the first company to announce the world’s first automated store, it didn’t become the first company to launch one. Amazon’s first automated Amazon Go Store as mentioned launched on January 22, 2018, however, many Chinese tech giants including Alibaba created their own version of automated stores and launched them as early as May 2017.

In an interview given to TechNode, William, In charge of Shanghai’s BIU store said, “We tried some activities to see how well the camera recognizes people. We held a public event inviting different groups of people. The camera had to identify a lady with or without makeup, a person dressed normally and with a cosplay wig and makeup, and twin brothers and sisters. They tried it and the scanner could read them all.”

But there’s a key difference in the technology used by Amazon and its Chinese counterparts. While Amazon uses motion sensors and cameras as well as the deep and machine learning to identity the shoppers and products, this technology is similar to what’s used in self-driving cars, the Chinese companies are mostly relying on facial recognition and tracking technology.

Image courtesy: TechNode

The biggest example of Chinese automated store is the BIU store launched by Suning in the Shanghai province which uses RFID tags to identify products and facial recognition to identify customers.However to enter just like the amazon go store a user first needs to download the and register on the Suning Finance app it with his/her bank account and link their face data.


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