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How to Move(sync) Tabs Between Smartphone & PC:Step by step

chrome tab sync !! chrome to mobile !!

If you are doing something on your Pc in the chrome and want to switch immediately the same thing on your smartphone or from your smartphone to your desktop, how will you do it?. Apple has a dedicated feature called Handoff for doing the same but Android users can also switch directly from PC to phone or vice -versa in chrome. So Read on further to know about it.

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Log Into Chrome on Your Phone and PC

To view tabs from your phone to your Pc or vice-versa the first step is to login with your Google account on both Pc as well as on your phone

Log into Chrome on your desktop:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your desktop and at the top right corner click on user icon.
  • Click Sign into Chrome.
  • When prompted enter your email address and password.
  • You’ll see a menu letting you know you’re turning Chrome Sync on. Click OK got it.

chrome tab sync

Now, log in to your phone:

  • Tap on the (three dots) button at the top right corner to open the menu.
  • Now Tap on Settings in the menu.
  • You should see the Google account you’ve logged into to set up your Android phone. Tap Continue as [Name].
  • You’ll see a screen letting you know you’re turning Chrome Sync on. Click OK Got it.
  • syncing can be turned off by going back to Settings > Sync and toggle the feature off.

You can also choose what will be synced: Autofill, Bookmarks, History, Passwords, Open Tabs, Settings, and more. NOTE: If you want to use this feature then don’t disable history or open tabs.

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chrome tab sync

Moving Chrome Tabs From PC to Phone

As now you have logged in with your Gmail account in chrome browser on both your phone and Computer, you can now move from phone to PC and vice-versa easily.

  • Open Chrome browser on your smartphone.
  • Now, Tap the menu that (three dots button) at the top right corner.
  • Now, Tap on Recent tabs.
  • Now a list of recent tabs you’ve opened in Chrome will appear, with the last one at the bottom of the list.

Moving Chrome Tabs From Phone to PC ( Chrome to Mobile)

If you’re reading something on your smartphone and want to continue the same on your desktop, do the following things:

  • Open Chrome on your Desktop.
  • Now Head over to History > Recently Visited.
  • Now a list of sites you have visited on your phone will appear, choose any to visit and read.

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So that’s about How to Move Tabs Between Smartphone and PC, this method will act as chrome to phone extension and you can easily you this method. If you have any further queries feel free to mention in the comments section below, We would love to help you.

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