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Chromebooks can gain support for dual-boot with Windows 10

Chromebooks can gain support for dual-boot with Windows 10

Google’s Campfire project is still a big mystery and little is known about it, but the hottest information on it says that it is a set of tools capable of allowing dual-boot with Windows 10 and Chrome OS on Chromebooks. The latest rumours come from the XDA Developers, which monitors the project to learn more about it.

According to XDA, Campfire must be something Boot Camp style, an Apple feature that allows you to install Windows on a Mac parallel to MacOS. A new branch of firmware for the Pixelbook called “eve-campfire” was found in the Chrome OS development centre. It is able to work in an “Alt OS mode”.

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Campfire is being tested on a Pixelbook, but other Chromebooks should also get support for the feature. Obviously, it’s not a question of saying that all of Google’s notebooks will have access to the new, but probably the latest models or maybe just those with Google’s own brand will be compatible – in fact, there is no indication yet.

One good possibility raised by the publication is that Campfire will not require activation of the Developer Mode of the Chromebook. Because this type of installation will be recognized and certified by Google itself, it will probably work in a simpler and safer way, since enabling Developer Mode is not exactly simple and can expose the machine to some dangers.

Although there is no confirmation from Google, the bet is that a new Pixelbook can be announced in early October with the new smartphones Pixel 3 and 3 XL. If all this set of rumours is right, it would be little more than a month before the Campfire project is presented to the world.

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