Chunin Exams Round 1

Round One of the Chunin Trail ends, as the new examination schedule is pretty much interesting. In addition, we saw many new actions of the Genin. But this time Boruto aired on the new clock, instead of Wednesday, Boruto episode 56 released on Thursday. We are not much sure but it seems that the delivery schedule for next episodes will be as same as this.
Now, let’s start the discussion on the major points of Boruto episode 56. Before going this, firstly, the episode was really good and everything else like fighting, story lineup, the suspense was really very well written and shown.

Boruto Episode 56

Before Round 1

In the starting of the episode, many powerful Genins started gathering in Konoha from different villages along with their Kages excluding Gaara. Everyone was talking about each other, suddenly  Sarada and Boruto noticed something unusual in Shinki. They knew Shinki is the adopted son of Gaara, and he’s been really hyped by the series. Also, Boruto had some unlikely conformation with Toroi, Yurui, and Tarui.

Funny moment

There were some Genin stealing attention at the beginning of the episode and those were Shinki, a trio of triplets from Kirigakure, a riot trio from Kumogakure and the Genbu Trio from Iwagakure. This deceiving Genbu team looked dangerous by their appearance, even Iwabe thought they were most powerful among all. But, in reality, they do not even get away from an explosive trap.

Boruto Episode 56

Round 1 Right-Wrong Quiz

Now the time has come for Chunin Exam Round 1, the core of the first exam is nothing but the right-wrong quiz. However, all the participants had to reach the quiz location as quick as possible. Well, the path to the location had been installed with various types of equipment and traps by Tenten which results in the elimination of many Genins. In the location, participants had to select the right or wrong area, depends upon the question but the correct answer was to survive from the ink trap.

The last part of the Boruto was the interesting one when Naruto sent Boruto a congratulation mail for passing in round 1, but Boruto knew without the help of Sarada and Mitsuki, he couldn’t pass the round 1.