eSports Organisation Cloud9 Announced Korean Team For Fortnite Competitive

Cloud9 become the latest esports organisation to announce their Fortnite Squad ahead of Fortnite World Cup 2019. Yesterday they announced their entry to the Fortnite Battle Royal competitive scene. Clou9 Fortnite Team is purely a Korean team. Let’s look at the players on their roster.

(C9)Cloud9 Fortnite Team

Choi “Trona” Jun-Hyeong, Choi “Noah” Tae-Jun, Kim “GANJi” Sung-Min, and Moon “Duty” Sun-Ho are in the (C9)

Cloud9 Fortnite Squad is the first Korean roster to signed for a western esports organisation.

Among the players, Moon “Duty” Sun-Ho was the top Korean player in the Fortnite Showdown challenge. This challenge had the same ranking system as casual battle royal mode and Epic Game gave the rewards to the top 100 players. Duty was at top 10 in this challenge. Formerly, he played for Lunatic-Hai in the ROX Gaming Shwomatch where his team was able to win both maps.

“I’m thrilled that we keep pulling in this level of talent for Fortnite,” said C9 founder and CEO Jack Etienne. “I know Trona, Noah, GANJi, and Duty are all going to make waves right away and make us proud.”

Cloud9 Fortnite Team

It is not the first time for the (C9) Cloud9 to shows an interest in Korean players for their team. Cloud9’s Overwatch League team, London Spitfire is an entirely Korean team and it has Korean PUBG Squad. It also signed a Korean Hearthstone player.

From now (C9)Cloud9 is in the list of esports organisation to announce their Fortnite Squad before the take off of Fortnite Competitive scene. Faze Clan, Optic Gaming, 100 Thieves, TSM already announced their Fortnite Team ahead of Fortnite World Cup 2019.

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