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CloudWalker launches new “India’s first 4K ready” Cloud TV X2

CloudWalker, the new Indian player in the television market, has launched two new smart TVs. Touted as “India’s first 4K ready TVs“, the Cloud TV X2 is a Full HD TV capable of playing Cloudwalker 4K ready content.

The State of Indian TV market

CloudWalker is a Mumbai based company aspiring to rock the Indian Market. The market has a large variety of 4K TVs and Full HD TVs, but they all suffer from a lack of high resolution content. Almost all TV channels in India are capped at a measly 720p resolution, thereby making the high resolution of these TVs useless. Also, the prices of Smart TVs are high and many of them fail to provide actual high quality content due to a lack of sources.

The CloudWalker Cloud TV X2

cloudwalker cloud tv x2 india's first 4k ready cloudwalker 4k ready Full hd tv

Enter CloudWalker. The CloudWalker 4K ready to Full HD TV is a testimony of how far the technology has come. The CloudWalker Cloud TV X2 has a built in Android Nougat TV interface. It is backed up by 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal Storage. The CloudWalker 4K ready TV is powered by a quadcore ARM Cortex processor to run the interface. The “India’s First 4K ready TV” comes with an XLuminous Display with 20W built in speakers so you never miss a beat. Gone are the days when you had to watch SD channels for lack of better ones.

Speaking of the interface, the TV comes with Made-In-India Content Discovery Engine. The service browses through the web and delivers curated content exclusively for you to watch, in beautiful 4K. The Android platform adds to the charm by allowing apps such as Netflix. This enables users to browse and watch exclusive shows directly on the TV.

cloudwalker cloud tv x2 india's first 4k ready cloudwalker 4k ready Full hd tv

How the CloudWalker 4K ready Full HD TV works?

For those confused how the 4K on Full HD system works, it’s pretty simple actually. The TV streams 4K content from relative servers. When the 4K content arrives to the TV, the TV uses intelligent super-sampling to produce an anti-aliasing sort of effect. What it basically does is it uses the data of extra pixels and calculates what the average pixel of the area should look like. In doing so, a 4K to Full HD video looks more stunning and detailed than a standard Full HD video as it has more data to work on.

The TV comes with an Air-mouse remote that lets you navigate using simple movement. Extending the smart features, the CloudWalker 4K Ready Full HD TV comes with screen mirroring. Now you can cast your smartphone screen to your TV wirelessly. You can also share media using the CShare app.

cloudwalker cloud tv x2 india's first 4k ready cloudwalker 4k ready Full hd tv

Our Recommendation

The CloudWalker Cloud TV X2 seems a great deal. It will launch during the Amazon Prime Day sale. The 40-inch variant costs Rs 23,490 and the 43-inch variant costs Rs 25,490. We highly recommend it. It truly is “India’s first 4k ready TV”. Order it Now!


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