E-Sports is surely at a booming stage in India as lot of big E-Sports competitions are taking place in India in the last few months which includes MTV Ucypher, Indian Gaming Show Bengaluru. Yesterday, Cobx Gaming has announced Cobx Masters 2018 at a media round table at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai. Cobx Gaming is one of the India’s leading eSports company which is brand of Route Mobile Limited founded by Mr. Sandip Gupta.

The event Cobx Masters was announced by Mr. Rajdip Gupta (Founder)- Cob Gaming & Mr. Mujahid Rupani, CEO-(Cobx Gaming). Cobx Masters 2018 is the first SEA (South East Asia) gaming tournament to be held in India. Last year, the company organised the tournament COBX Indian Esports Championship which took place in April-May 2017 which includes eight qualified CS GO teams – Bandits, Brutals, Elements, Entity Esports, Iyati,Shooting Monkeys, Wolves, Semper X and Entity Esports emerged as the Winner of CS:Go and in similar fashion 8 teams qualified for Dota 2 and goFigure emerged as the winner in Dota 2.

Cobx Gaming
Cobx Gaming founder Rajdip Gupta and CEO Mujahid Rupani

Cobx Gaming Cobx Masters 2018 Format, Registrations

This year gaming tournament will also feature two games CS: GO ( Counter Strike : Global Offensive) and Dota 2 with a unique format and pool prize money of whopping INR 1 Crore. The tournament has been divided into two phases. It’s phase one will cover 10 Indian major cities which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad,Jaipur and Kohima from where total 20 teams will participate.The first phase has the total prize pool of 10 lakhs. The online qualifier round will take place in the selected game cafe’s of the respective cities. The final stage of the first phase will feature four teams from the qualifiers. The online qualifiers  will be held between 9-29 April. The offline event will start from 9th May and go up to 10th June

The second phase will include the teams from South East Asia region with an online qualifier first and  the offline event which will include winner teams from SEA region and India region, which will be held in the India. Not much details has been released for the second phase. The second phase will begin in June’18

The company is planning to broadcast this event on television channels and streaming platforms. The event will start in April 2018, no official date has been confirmed yet. Registrations for the Cobx gaming has not been opened yet, but you can register from here when it starts.

Cobx Gaming

Cobx Gaming ( Founder) Mr. Rajdip Gupta stated that ” The primary objective of conducting the tournament is to attract the maximum number of professional teams in India. He added that we want to demonstrate to the audience that professional gaming can be good career option for enthusiastic gamers, game analysts, developer working in this sector of industry. He also said that South East Asian Circuit is really huge with a total of 900 million gamers and 60 million plus audience. He also made assured they started Cobx gaming not to tap into new market for making money, they want to give voice and platform to thousands gaming lovers in this country and legitimate their voice and passion to the society. The company’s CEO Mr. Mujahid Rupani has said that this a big moment for the Esports Industry in India and South East Asia. Total revenue from eSports will seemingly cross USD 1.2 billion in South East Asia and India has an estimate of viewership of 30 million active gamers under the age of 25

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