CoD Modern Warfare 4 leaked menu debate: Is it real or fake?

CoD Modern Warfare 4 leaked menu debate- Is it real or fake? Photo

The Call of Duty community is eagerly looking forward to the official announcement of the next instalment of the franchise. Amidst that, a new leak is spreading across the community like a wildfire. CoD Modern Warfare 4 menu has been leaked by a Reddit user. This leak has ignited a debate among the fans, is it fake or real? Let’s get into the details of the leak and the ongoing debate related to the topic.

CoD 2019 – Modern Warfare 4?

CoD Modern Warfare 4 leaked menu debate- Is it real or fake? 2 Photo

Everyone in the community is waiting for an official announcement by the CoD developers for CoD 2019. Though there have been leaks previously which suggest that the game will have a single player campaign, a revamped multiplayer mode. Another report says that there will be no specialists or battle royale mode in CoD 2019. Apart from these leaks, a new leak has been reported which shows the dynamic and uncensored menu of the game. Though many fans aren’t sure if it real or fake.

Reddit user ‘SwiftNL’, posted the image saying that it was from a ‘developer/alpha test.’ Check out the image of the menu below:

CoD Modern Warfare 4 leaked menu debate- Is it real or fake? 1 Photo

Although, it can’t be confirmed if this image is from the real MW4 or not, but some Reddit users believe it to be real. Though most of them believe that this image is from a different Modern Warfare game, probably a remaster version. One fan commented: “Its MW3 remastered, you could see the guy from the cover, aka Frost, in the top left corner.” Another user ‘smurphphd’ said, “My God, I swear some of y’all haven’t seen the MW3 Cover before. It’s clearly MW3 remastered. Not MW2 remastered nor MW4. Smh.”


It is still a mystery if the image is actually legit or not. Stay tuned to get other updates related to the CoD 2019 title and its official announcement.

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