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How to do Comcast modem login: Step-by-Step

Comcast modem and router is the best way to get a decent internet connection on a budget, it’s the most popular way to get connected these days with a high data speed and range. It’s easy to use after setup, but sometimes you need to change the password of Comcast modem. The task of changing password is not a difficult task but, not many of users are aware of that, for this, you need to do Comcast modem login or Comcast router login, so here’s,


How to do Comcast modem login

comcast modem login

STEP 1 –

First of all, make sure that you are connected to your network, it can be a wired connection through the modem or the router.


STEP 2 –

In your computer, go to the start button and open the browser that you use often, or click on the search bar and type Chrome browser. If you don’t have Chrome Browser you can continue with the pre-installed Edge Browser or the Internet Explorer.


STEP 3 –

Open Chrome browser / Internet Explorer or any other browser and go to browser’s address bar and enter “ “, you can simply copy and paste this code. This is access address for almost every Comcast modems and can be used easily to login Comcast modem. Enter the code and press Enter.


STEP 4 –

If the above code is not working, you can try entering this code “ “ and this too doesn’t work, try entering “ “. These two will surely work even if you have a nonstandard model of Comcast modem.


STEP 5 –

After entering the codes mentioned above. A dialog box will appear, asking the Username and Password. Here, you need to enter the username and password, to do this contact your local Comcast ISP for your modem’s or username and password.


STEP 6 –

Before proceeding with the above Step, you can also try the Hit and Try method with some combination of usernames and passwords. Try entering,


  1. Username: admin     Password: password


  1. Username: admin     Password: admin


  1. Username: root        Password: root


  1. Username: admin     Password: 0000


  1. Username: admin     Password: e2002

You will be logged in after any of the above mentioned get accepted and after which you will have access to admin to change the password and change the username of your Comcast modem easily.

So, these are the steps involved in the procedure of how to do the Comcast modem login, if you still have any problems, feel free to ask in the comments sections.

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