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VoStory presents enthralling CS GO Competition at Amity University

The growth of E-sports has been immense in the last two years. The developed countries like USA and China have the largest revenue from E-sports industry currently. On the virtue of its path, India is also taking steps to forge its name in the E-Sports industry. CS GO Competition is most popular among Indian youth in colleges and universities

This year we have observed one major E-sports tournament UCypher which has been telecasted on MTV India, another big tournament coming this April is COBX Masters 2018

In order to establish the E-sports culture in India and promote the budding and professional gamers in India. VoStory has taken little initiative with the prestigious Amity School of Engineering & Technology to organize a competitive E-sports competition.

CS GO Competition

CS GO Competition

The competition includes popular E-Sports games like CounterStrike Global Offensive, FIFA 17, W2k17, TEKKEN 7, Mortal Combat, Mini Militia

The schedule for the LAN GAMING COMPETITION has been mentioned below

Date: 20th April 2018
Time: 12noon to 4 pm

? Date: 21st April 2018
Time : 11am to 3pm

Venue: I2 block, Amity University, Noida Sector-125

We invite you all to a high adrenaline rush gaming competition for Spring 2018 session at Amity University

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