The Chinese Organisation Perfect World has announced another tournament called CS: GO Asia Summit. Perfect World was the host of the Asia Minor Championship for PGL Major Krakow 2017. It was also the main distributor of CS: GO to China after buying the rights from the Valve corporation in 2016.

CS: GO Asia Summit
CS: GO Asia Summit

The main motive of the organization is to promote Asia Pacific region to the world and improving their teams’ skills through the tournament.


Since it is only a one-day tournament, only four teams are invited for competing in the tournament.The format of best of three, single elimination will be used for the tournament.

Invited Teams:
B.OOT-d [S]

The $ 60,000  Pool Prize money will be distributed as follows:
1st -place $ 30,000
2nd- place $ 15,000
3rd-place $ 7,5000
4th-place $ 7,5000

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