In the competitive scene of eSPorts CSGO is known as a major contributor to the popularity of eSports. If you ever have seen and played this game that you know what it can be. It is famous for the one of the most skill intensive game in eSports.

It’s not so easy to learn the skills in the game. Professional CSGO players are a highly trained player who knows how to work as a part of the trained team. Whenever a team makes a small mistake in CSGO that becomes a huge gift for opposition team and even it can a match-turning point.

Players take the CSGO competitive gaming to its purest form and end up the match with some greatest encounters you will never see in any other gamer and this excitement make the fans happy.

So, not to miss any moment of the biggest CSGO tournament we are here to share the info about the upcoming tournaments, currently running and where to watch them.

Currently, the WESG 2018 one the biggest CSGO tournament is scheduled from 13-18 March.If you are unaware of the CSGO tournament or missed some action of WESG, you can directly watch on Twitch.

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