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‘Black Lightning’ A Powerful Jolt that Arrowverse Desperately Needed!!

CW’s Black Lightning A Ray of Hope for Arrowverse!!

CW has done tremendous work in building the DC universe from scratch on the television. To be honest, they have outdone the Warner Brother’s DC universe on the big screen. CW started slowly by laying a concrete foundation with Arrow which got the attention of comic book fans. Then the gradual addition of Flash, the most loved superhero to the arrowverse changed everything and soon became audience’s favorite.

After bringing these widely favorite superheroes together, CW kept on adding new ones to the universe aka arrowverse step by step with series like Supergirl & The Legends of Tomorrow. However, something was missing in the large ensemble, soon they found it and corrected it by bringing on board first black superhero on television in the series titled Black Lightning.

The story of Black Lightning doesn’t revolve around some young guy who just got his superpowers in some weird science experiment. Instead, he is a mature man in his late 40s who is a father of two girls and has left the life of the superhero long back for his family. Now as the world becomes evil and there is the danger at every nook and corner he is forced to come back for his family and society. He will have to face the One hundred gang to bring back peace to his beloved city.

Firstly, I didn’t have many expectations from the series because deep down we know that no matter how much we like Arrow or The Flash but as the time went by their quality degraded. So, going by the past results, I thought of Black Lightning as another guilty pleasure series. However, the pilot episode proved me completely wrong and just punched me in my face for thinking of it as another cheesy superhero show.

The first episode is an entirely engaging affair, and you will not know how the forty minutes just went through. Not even for a single second it will bore you and starts with a bang. The episode not only depends on the mindless action and CGI instead has the beautiful and thought-provoking plotline. It ends on a high note leaving us eagerly waiting for the next episode. As the series will progress, it will focus more intensely on the issues like racial discrimination and gun violence.

Black Lightning

The way series is being established is entirely different from the other counterpart series in the same universe. This one feels more realistic and is backed by excellent drama. The episode appropriately depicts the frustration of the main character Jefferson Pierce who is made to dawn the suit again. He worries that for a superhero when does it all ends because there will never be the end of crime on the streets no matter what he does.

The episode is nearly a perfection with just one thing that stopped it, and that is background score. I felt the music is not correctly laid out through the entire episode. Apart from this, every other aspect is a gem. The cast looks right in the place and Cress Williams as Black Lightning has done fantastic work.

Now, the ball is in CW’s court, and it will be interesting to see how beautifully they develop this series. As currently, I know there is a lot of potential in the series and who knows Black Lightning may bring the Arrowverse back from its deep slumber.


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