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Dakar 18 The World’s Toughest Endurance Race Game Announced

From about 38 years Dakar Rally held every year. It is one of the most dangerous rallies in the world having very large distance. This is not the simple rally race. It is an off-road endurance event where the terrain is that tough that you can never imagine. Its name is Dakar Rally because it was previously held from  Paris to Dakar. But due to the security threats in Mauritania from  2009  races have been held in South America with the finishing line of 10,000Km. It is like playing need for speed the run in more tough terrain.

Many games and studios tried to recreate this event but they failed. Now Big Moon Entertainment takes a step to recreate the event in the game. They have announced the toughest rally game Dakar 18. Now everyone will race the Dakar rally by this game.

The game will feature a large collection of cross-country vehicles to race. Vehicles will split according to five categories- cars, bikes, trucks, quads, and SxS(off-road buggies). The game will focus on large-scale multiplayer racing. You’ll only able to play the game in offline mode to do practice. The world of the game is more than 15,000 km2 with a finishing line of 10,000Km.

“We are sure that Dakar 18 will be the finest representation of real life Dakar in a video game,” – Paulo J. Games, the game’s director.

Dakar 18 will release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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