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Dark Phoenix Plot Revealed New York Comic Con-Dark Phoenix Spoilers

At the New York Comic Con, a 13-minute clip from the movie of Dark Phoenix was shown. In the clip, Dark Phoenix Plot revealed. This article may contain possible Dark Phoenix spoilers, so read the article on your own risk.

Dark Phoenix Spoiler Warning: This article may contain many Dark Phoenix Spoilers. So if you don’t want to get spoiled you can get off now. You have been warned.

X-Men travel to space on a daring rescue mission. But their mission to save the mankind will jot fruit well. This is because their attempt will lead to the birth of Dark Phoenix Jean Grey.

Dark Phoenix Plot Revealed

X-Men Space Mission Photo

The clip started with a space launch montage. The clip cut between the launch, mission control and the anxious faces of the astronauts as the shuttle took off. The shuttle launched without any problem, but the problem began when it started to break out of the atmosphere. The mission control saw the disappearing of the panicked astronauts as the feed cut out.

The scene then cut to Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants. There, Professor Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy were watching the launch. After the announcement of the shuttle’s mechanical failure, Charles asked Hank about the updates on the X-Jet. Hank admitted that he had finished the work but he was not sure if it was worthy for a space travel or not.

Before Xavier and Hank could continue their conversation, Charles’ phone rang. He finds the President on the other line. The President asked Charles if the X-Men could help to retrieve the astronauts stranded in the space. To that, Xavier glanced at Hank and hence agreed.

After this, X-Men were seen heading to the jet. X-Men included Cyclops, Jean Grey, Quicksilver, Storm, Nightcrawler and Mystique, suited up in their new uniform. Cyclops aired his concerns after Mystique explained the mission, but she assured that everything will be fine. Jean Grey asked Mystique if the capabilities of the jet were untested just to make  Mystique admit her nervousness.

The X-Men made it to space with a hitch, like the astronauts. But after they broke out of the atmosphere, they saw that the shuttle was breaking apart. The metal skin was peeling off. They were seen spinning in circles due to a broken thruster. Worse than this, there was a solar flare coming their way. Till it hits them, they had a few minutes to save the astronauts.

For the situation, Mystique quickly made a plan. She asked Nightcrawler to teleport into the shuttle to which he refused. He refused because he didn’t know what was inside. Mystique then asked Storm to slow down the spinning of the X-Jet by using her powers. Nightcrawler then teleported to the shuttle with Quicksilver. Quicksilver then collected all the astronauts with them touching each other and Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler teleported all of the astronauts back to the X-Jet safely.

When they all were safe, the astronauts revealed that their captain is still on the shuttle. He was gone to fix the thrusters and hence was not present during the rescue. Due to this, there was a short debate regarding the action to be taken. Xavier proposed the idea of Jean using the Cerebro to hold the shuttle long enough for Nightcrawler to rescue the captain. Mystique was against this but Cyclops stood with Jean and hence Mystique, reluctantly, let her go with Nightcrawler.

Possible reason of How Dark Phoenix Jean Grey was awaken

Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Photo

When they got back to the shuttle, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler were unable to find the captain. Jean held the shuttle together while Nightcrawler finds the captain. He found the captain a little late.  After finding the captain he had to teleport back to the jet without Jean Grey. Hence, Jean Grey was left behind and was caught by the solar flare. Jean took the full brunt of the solar flare with a scream.

The X-Men watched the shuttle disintegrate into parts by the solar flare. Worse than this, another flare was headed their way. Jean gained consciousness and used her telepathy to lead the other flare towards her. Then, she took another wave of a solar flare and sucked all the energy within her. After this, she fainted from the effort.

After the event, Nightcrawler quickly teleported out in space and retrieved her to the X-Jet. As Cyclops cradled her face, Jean opened her eyes and whispered to confirm if everyone was safe or not. After an affirmative, the X-Men went back to Earth with the rescued astronauts.

When the X-Men landed on Earth, they were welcomed by many adoring fans. Many cheered and held signs as they deboard the plane. One even sported blue face paint to cheer for Mystique, The Beast or Nightcrawler. After this, the X-Men returned to the Xavier’s School where they were welcomed by some mutant students. Charles Xavier sang the X-Men’s praises and revealed the President’s gratitude. Xavier dismissed the class for rest of the day by ending the class showing his proud for the team. As the team dispersed, Xavier asked Hank to run a routine medical checkup on Jean as she had been through a lot.

Mystique Photo

Mystique followed Charles back to his office unhappily. She informed him that President’s accolades had almost been condolences. Xavier waved this off. After all, they had come back in one piece. Mystique, with a look of disgust, told him about her hope of him not taking risky missions just because of his ego. She, hence, implied that she cares about the team more than he does and suggested she liked the magazine covers and calls from the President a little too much. She turned and left the room when Xavier started to protest. But before leaving, she told him to consider renaming the team as “X-Women” as they are doing the rescuing thing more these days.

So this was the Dark Phoenix plot revealed at the New York Comic Con in the 13-minute clip. There will be more news coming regarding the same. This may also have contained many Dark Phoenix Spoilers which the filmmakers have led out in the New York Comic Con.

Dark Phoenix is written and directed by Simon Kinberg. Dark Phoenix Cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters and Jessica Chastain.

The Dark Phoenix hits the theatres on June 7, 2019.

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