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Darling in the franxx Episode 17, Klaxosaur princess arrives

To be honest, this is the best episode of Darling in the Franxx till date. Darling in the franxx Episode 17 has everything right, to say it a perfect plot for the building storyline. It was relaxing and complex at the same time. Well, I really believe, we could not ask anything more from the storyline at this point of time. Zero Two and Hiro sharing the beautiful bond of love and now Mitsuru and Kokoro also showing compassion for each other, bubbling the feeling of love inside the minds.

This episode has also revealed a more human side of these chosen parasites of Squad 13 and their unity was impeccable in this episode. We have seen core concept and storyline of Darling in the Franxx get unveiled in this episode. As seen in the preview of episode 17 of Darling in the Franxx, Nine Alpha pays a visit to the Mistilteinn, but he was not alone, all the other members of nines also accompany him in this visit. As previously assumed this visit was planned by Papa and the other council members. The reason Squad 13 was parted out for a period of month, as they were put to the final test on the order of the Dr Franxx

Darling in the franxx Episode 17
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Kokoro showing deep love for the Mitsuru tries to make out with him in the garden, but Mitsuru does not let her do it. The reason behind this makes out, seeded in her mind, as she was secretly reading about the human reproduction process and wanted to leave her mark after the end of her existence. Nine alpha caught her book and tries to embarrass her in front of all the other members of Squad 13, as this book is prohibited one and these things have not been taught to us under our course. But Ikuno takes charge of the situation and slaps right off on the nine Alpha phase, that was a real fan moment for all the guys rooting for Squad 13. At the time of questioning Kokoro explains the squad 13, that there is more to this life other than pilot the franxx as in building the future and living as a human, which has been followed by our ancestors. Nana and Hachi come to the rescue of the situation and Kokoro been judged for breaking the rules of Plantation 13 which Papa and the other council members created, which states that one cannot have babies. In the conversation with the Kokoro, Nana breaks to her softer human side which has been altered with the injection and other relevant medication, given by the doctors of Plantation 13 on the papa orders. In the end, we see Mitsuru consoling the Kokoro and telling her she does have to feel the pain alone. It also starts off the new story of love between Kokoro and Mitsuru


On the other, we got introduced to new demon girl like Zero Two and what we particularly believe is she is Code 001. The two messengers on the order of the council make a visit at Klaxosaur Princess location, tells her to end the protracted war between Klaxosaur and humans and surrender to the humans. She gets annoyed and releases sonic voices, in responding to that the messengers attack the Princess, but get killed by the princess. Papa and others discussed that as the princess chose the path of annihilation, it will be dreadful for her

The most interesting part to note down here is, the humans are taken a giant leap and this also resonates to the AI world we are moving onto, which could result in robots or something as intelligent as human will stand equal to them

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 Spoilers and Predictions 

In the next episode of Darling in the Franxx, we are sure that Nine Alpha will convey the message to the Papa and the rest, that even after indoctrination, Kokora is planning a baby with Mitsuru. As Nana has been declared unfit for the job right now as she is again hitting puberty after watching the love and bond between Squad 13 members, she might be temporarily get removed from the look after of Squad 13 or will receive medication to curb her emotions. Papa and others taking further steps to encounter more klaxosaurs as 001 (Klaxosaur princess) have denied surrendering. We are likely to see some franxx getting back in action battling the Klaxosaurs, as it’s been much quiet for the last two episodes

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