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Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 Spoilers, Predictions

Darling in the Franxx Episode 17 was one of the best episodes so far for all the series fans. The storyline of the show has started picking the groove and going towards some seriousness. The fight of Klaxosaurs and humans has spanned out for last 100 years and the two messengers of the Council visits the Klaxosaur princess, and ask for her surrender and end to this war. As for understanding what might will happen in the next episode, go through the Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 Spoilers below. 

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 Spoilers, Who is Klaxosaur Princess?

Klaxosaur Princess might be the Code 001 and first experiment of Doctor Franxx. If we notice closely at the body of the princess, she has blue oni her head and also has klaxosaur tail and many tentacles. She looks absolute fierce and modish. But the question here arises, what is the reason for this long span fight between the humans and klaxosaurs. If we clearly listen to the council meeting that happened in episode 17, papa and others were saying that they created klaxosaurs and now they will scorch them to the death. Human scientists must have done some experiment in the past on animals which had resulted in the origin of the klaxosaur . Then in order to fight with the klaxosaur, scientists embedded same substance in the human blood to fight the klaxosaur which turned terribly wrong, with two examples in front of us Code 001 and Code 002. Both of these girls are demon, but being unaccepted and tortured by the society Code 001 had joined the klaxosaurs for avenging the humans. On the other side, the meeting of Zero Two and Hiro early in childhood enshrines the humanity in her and given fake promise by the doctor franxx, that they will let her meet Hiro, if she keeps killing the klaxosaurs.

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 Spoilers

Alpha 9 reporting to Papa and the Council, Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 Spoilers

Nine Alpha being the team leader of Squad 9, which is an elite squad always manages to stay on his apparent arrogant side in his character. In the last episode, he visits the Mistilteinn on the papa orders. As our squad was put under the final test by the Papa on an understanding of their humanity traits peeking out even after the given indoctrination. Kokoro seems to blossom on the biggest side of humans emotions, as she secretly understood the reproduction process of humans, which was discovered by Nine Alpha and will be further reported to the Papa and the other council members. Nine Alpha will also report, about the budding love between Zero Two and Hiro, as she is moreover behaving and acting like a human



What will happen to Hachi?

Well, in the Japanese language the term “Hachi means eight” , so it might be or might not be true, but we believe that Hachi is the code 008, but due to her incompetence, maybe due to her emotional and human side leaps over her curbing medication, and she had been removed from the squad 9. We believe that she will again go through the medication for curbing the human emotional side of her.

The above-mentioned Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 spoilers are based on the theories and the situations, we have encountered the episodes till date

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