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Darling in the Franxx Episode 18-Hiro to fight against Papa

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 is the total turmoil of the happiness for the Squad 13. We can say that, when everything is sailing the right way, a sudden storm takes all away. In the last two episodes of Darling in the Franxx, we have seen the bonds of love blooming within the Squad 13. Mitsuru and Kokoro confessed their love to each other. Hiro and Zero Two are also in a perfect state of love with each other. To begin with Darling in the Franxx Episode 18, it might shatter the heart of some fans, as our lovable squad 13 has to face the axe of cruelty upon them.

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18 begins with a beautiful morning and it’s freshness being enjoyed by Kokoro and Mistsuru together. Ichigo, Goro and Hiro visit the command centre, where Haachi confirms the Ichigo, that they have to evacuate the Mistilteinn and go back to the parasite camp. All our characters were wishing if things could stay same for the rest life. But the fate has reckoned something else for a while.

Darling in the Franxx Episode 18

As being the last day at the Mistilteinn, our squad decides to make it memorable. As Kokoro and Mitsuru are deeply in love with each other. Hiro suggests, that Kokoro and Mistsuru should wed each other. Both of them find this idea truly wonderful and all the members start doing preparations for the wedding. Ichigo going to her room, finds Ikuno lying on her bed in sadness when Ichigo ask her about the matter, she confesses Ichigo, that she is in love with her and doesn’t want anyone to let her take away. While saying all this to Ichigo, she was in tears and Ichigo understood her pain and hugged her. As Ichigo had the same feeling for Hiro and she did not want anyone to take Hiro away from her.

Zero Two designing the bridal dress for the Kokoro sees a frightening dream where she was being taken away by the zombies (persons recruited by Papa), which has served the papa and the council. Big Klaxosaur hands vanish it all, and her dream breaks away. This indicates us that Papa and the council can do some harm to Zero Two in the upcoming episodes to serve their purpose and motive, in order break the bond of Zero Two and Hiro.

Following the preparations for the wedding, Kokoro gets dressed in a beautiful bridal dress and Mitsuru takes her to the stage. They both exchange the wedding rings and make the vow to each other. The moment, when they are about to seal the wedding with a kiss, Squad 9, along with other security personnel of the plantation nabs all the squad 13 members. Kokoro and Mitsuru are being taken to the Birdnest, where both of their memories are erased and indoctrination being done. When squad 13 members meet both of them, they did not recognize anyone, especially Kokoro and Mitsuru does not even know each other. Hiro and Zero Two realizes this circle of cruelty must be stopped and finds history repeating itself back again. So , it is likely Hiro and Zero two will get together along with team squad 13 to stand up against papa and the council.


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