Monster Hunter World is launching later this week for Ps4 and Xbox. Capcom has revealed the size of the day one update which will allow players to play online.

The game is running its third and final beta stage which actually allows the developers to make necessary changes in the update to fix the game.The size of the Day one update is 815mb. Like every other game nowadays, the game needs to be updated on the day one.The update adds Online Multiplayer, Event quests, chat, and other online features.

This basically means you can’t play the game online or get to enjoy any other features of the online world until you download the patch.The update size varies from the console you are playing on.Also, the patch will add a gallery mode to the main menu which actually allows you to re-watch the cutscenes.The patch will introduce Poogies, a pet piglet which has appeared throughout the series.More on Poogies will be later when the game will be released.

The game is going to be released on 26 January on Ps4 and Xbox.

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