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DC Revealed the First Look of Hawk & Dove From Titans Series

Hawk & Dove the Superhero Duo looks Perfect

DC and Warner Brothers are gearing up to boost their presence on television with another TV series ‘Titans’. Recently we got first look of the Brandon Thwaites as Robin in the series. He looked sleek & stylish in that suit. Now, DC gave us the glimpse of crime-fighting duo Hawk & Dove.

Hawk & Dove from Titans

Alan Ritchson will be portraying the role of Hank Hall (Hawk) who can transform to have superhuman strength, unlimited stamina, enhanced speed, increased agility, increased body density, extreme durability, and healing factor. Mark Kelly will portray the role of Dawn Granger (Dove) who surpasses the powers of Hawk and without her Hawk is unstoppable. Dove is like the order to the chaos of Hawk. They balance out each other perfectly.

Laura Jean Shannon has designed the outfit for both of them. She is known for her work on costumes for other superheroes like Black Lightning, Iron Man and The Jungle Book. Titans show also includes Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Anna Diop as Starfire, and more. All of DC series is doing quite well on the small screen and will have to look out if this one is the worthy addition or not.

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