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DC need to step up the game ? Upcoming DC movies!! DC Vs Marvel

Will they be able to bring back DC into the GAME?

DC always had the upper hand over Marvel because of its detailed characters and powerful villains in the comics. I still remember my childhood when I had only heard of Batman, Superman and whenever somebody asked me ‘Whom you want to become when you grow older?’ The answer was always crystal clear I wanted to fly like Superman with the red cape. However, the scenario is now wholly changed DC has taken a backseat, and Marvel is the Ruler of the Superhero world. DC had a great start at the big screen with movies like Batman Begins under the leadership of Christopher Nolan, but as soon as he left the seat, all things came falling apart one by one. No one at Warner Brothers had the vision and passion for comics as Kevin Feige had in Marvel. It was because of his leadership Marvel was able to create such a fantastic universe from ground zero, and they are still expanding it like anything.

DC showed signs of hope with the perfect execution of Wonder Woman, but again executives at WB destroyed Justice League with their mandate of keeping the movie under 2 hours. Justice League was OK movie, but it was not able to live up to the expectations because of poor decisions by upper management.

Now, there are some movies lined up under the DC universe which will try to save the grace. Checkut the list of all the upcoming DC Extended Universe movies.

 DC Vs Marvel

  1. Aquaman

Director- James Wan

Cast – Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, and Willem Dafoe

Jason Momoa played the role of Aquaman twice until this point, in BvS he was there for 5 seconds, and in Justice League, he played a supporting role, but his character, on the whole, was not well developed to make him stand unique from the other cast. Jason Momoa does justice to the character and hope in his own movie he will get to show his real potential. James Wan has good films like Conjuring and FF7 to his credit which gives fan inside all of us a little hope. The ensemble cast includes Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna and Patrick Wilson as the film’s antagonist, Aquaman’s half-brother Orm.

 DC Vs Marvel

  1. Shazam!

Director- David F. Sandberg

Cast- Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, and Mark Strong

This will be the second movie in the DC universe after Aquaman. Earlier Dwayne Johnson was cast to play the role of Black Adam in the same film, but now as per reports, he is getting his separate movie focusing only on Black Adam. Shazam will target the Heroic characters of the comic exclusively. The story revolves around a boy who receives the unlimited power when he utters the word ‘Shazam’ and becomes a superhero. David F. Sandberg has movies like Lights Out and Annabelle Creation under his belt. Watching his take on this Superhero will be fun.

 DC Vs Marvel

  1. Flashpoint

Cast – Ezra Miller, Kiersey Clemons, and Billy Crudup

Flash made his appearance on the big screen a few days back and Oh Boy!! he was able to win the hearts of the audience with his charm. Ezra Miller has played the character to the perfection. But for the stand-alone movie, there are still dark clouds looming over it as till this date around 4-5 director has been appointed to direct the film but nobody has been finalized. The story will be based on one of the best story arcs of comics that is the flashpoint, and it surely will be epic to see this come alive on the big screen.

 DC Vs Marvel

  1. The Batman

Director – Matt Reeves

Cast – Ben Affleck(may or may not)

DC universe is indeed cursed, I can say this for sure after seeing the developments in the standalone Batman movie. First WB got the Ben Affleck to direct the film as he had penned the movie along with Geoff Johns. Then he decided to just act in the film, and Matt Reeves was hired to helm the direction. Now there is speculation doing round after the box office failure of Justice League. Ben Affleck has stepped down from portraying the Batman on the big screen. Alongside Matt Reeves has started the search for new Batman & the top choice is Jake Gyllenhaal.





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