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Deadpool 2 Shatters Box Office Records ahead of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Who would have thought that Thanos after defeating Earth’s mightest Heroes would ever get worried again? However, things have changed as Merc with the mouth is here to piss him off and tumble the Mad Titan Thanos’ movie Avengers Infinity War from the box office top. It’s been only just one night as the Deadpool 2 arrived in the theaters and now it is shattering the box office records. After the preview screening at 3,785 theaters, the Deadpool 2 has garnered over $18.6 million racing ahead of the IT which was able to collect $13.7 million last summer at the box office window. This ensures that superhero movies genre is not dying anytime soon.

Deadpool in 2016 was able to set the highest opening record for an R-rated movie, and with Deadpool 2 the merc with the mouth has gained its rightful spot after a brief defeat by IT. The film is expected to play at more than 4,349 theaters across the country over this weekend which only ensures its swift run over the box office window. Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool raked in $132.4 million over the first weekend, and it is pretty clear with positive reviews and 84% score on Rotten Tomatoes the Deadpool 2 will be able to break its record. With no robust competition over the weekend, the analysts are estimating a total of $130 to $150 million, and it will be no surprise if Ryan Reynolds’ dream project surpasses it.


The Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin starrer will have a smooth run for a week without any effect, however, going into the second week the turbulence will increase as another major franchise, Star Wars will be releasing Solo: A Star Wars Story on coming Friday. As per the analysis in a more extended run, Deadpool 2 has better chances of winning over the Solo: A Star Wars Story and the main reason behind it is the mixed reviews the latter one is getting and no significant hype around the movie. Whereas the madness around the Deadpool 2 is at another level with Ryan Reynolds pushing out new excellent videos and images to compel you to come to the theatres. After the successful opening, the actor took to Instagram to thank his wonderful fans funnily.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie till now, get up off your asses and watch Deadpool 2 in theatres near you and to book the tickets click here.


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