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Deadpool 2 Producer Confirms Will Not Recast T.J. Miller

Hollywood is going through tough times !!

In the year 2017, we saw many people coming out of the closet and extended their voice against the sexual assaults. In this fire of freedom and standing against the wrong, many prominent people were burnt. Hollywood was the most significant victim as many females came out against Harvey Weinstein now a defamed producer because of all the sexual assault allegations. Then as the year went by many stars were also gutted in the fire, and that gave strength to all the victims in the industry. The whole world was backing them, and various people from Hollywood itself came in front to support them.


A veteran actor like Kevin Spacey was also alleged for the sexual misbehavior on the set of his films and was accused of the rape. This led to the removal of him from Netflix Tv series House of Cards and his role was reshot entirely from Ridley Scott directorial ‘All the Money In the World’ with actor Christopher Plummer. Still many are victims are voicing their allegations and in recent one actor, T.J. Miller was accused of sexual assault and abuse. He is known for his supporting role in the movie Deadpool where he portrayed the character of Weasel. Now after these allegations there were questions raised that will he his part be removed from the upcoming Deadpool 2.


And In the recent discussion with Rotten Tomatoes, X-men producer Lauren Shuler Donner made clear that she doesn’t expect to recast T.J. Miller in the Deadpool 2. She also added that as the movie is almost completed and is in the final editing stage, there is no real chance of recasting him. We know that it is impossible to recast T.J. Miller in Deadpool 2 however it doesn’t mean he will stay in the franchise for too long. Miller’s role can be easily from the upcoming Deadpool movies, but on that front also Doner is not sure as with recent merger of Fox with Disney. All strings are now in hands Disney, and it depends on them whether they want to continue with Deadpool or not.

This is not the first time that the sexual allegations have tainted fox produced movies. As X-Men – The Last Stand director Brett Ratner has also come under fire for his behavior for outing the Ellen page in front of the whole crew. Recently another director of X-Men franchise, Bryan Singer was also accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with underage men.


The good thing that came out of is this that culprits are being punished for their wrongdoings and whole Hollywood community is standing in support as we observed in the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards. As all the stars dressed in black along with pins with ‘Time’s Up’ text buttoned on their dresses to show that they all stand against sexual misconduct. We hope that all good prevails in the coming years and the culprits get harsh punishment.


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