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Death Stranding Lore Explained

Hideo Kojima behind the Kojima productions under Sony Entertainment launched a new trailer of Death stranding at the game awards 2017.

After Metal gear solid series with Konami, Death stranding is the new IP(Independent Project)from kojima.

Death Stranding earlier revealed at E3 2017 and it quickly became popular with the concept.Norman reedus who is popular with his appearence on the walking dead,is the protagonist of the game.

At Playstation Experience 2017 earlier this month, Kojima talked about the lore of the game.

Hideo Kojima said “One of the themes of this game is life and death,so i want people to know when they die in game that isn’t the end”.

He also talked about how this phenomenon in-game will affect the game.

Referring to the trailer kojima said “As you saw the trailer and the crater in the trailer,and when we die and respawn it will be there,unlike other games where they would’ve taken you back to before the crater was made.

Kojima also talked about the baby & how story revolves around it.

As Kojima explained “The baby relates to game mechanics and the story as whole.It seemed like the shoulder mounted robotic arms attached to the disposal time came to life when the person in possession of the baby.

There is a lot to see in coming year and we hope to see full gameplay trailer of Death stranding early next year.



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