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Joe Manganiello Landed Role of Deathstroke Due to Fan Art

DC is undoubtedly going through a down time with so many movies in development but none of them having clear vision except Wonder Woman 2 and Aquaman. The major nail in the coffin of DC came when their highly anticipated crossover movie Justice League was butchered at the box office by both fans as well as critics. However, fans were treated to somewhat a surprise at the end of the movie when Joe Manganiello made an appearance as Deathstroke. The actor from the very beginning has remained the fan favourite for the role of Deathstroke. In a recent interview, Joe Manganiello said that it was because of the fan art he was offered the part of the Batman’s nemesis. He added that the role came to him when DC film’s Joe Berg googled Deathstroke for some research and saw the fan art.

This story almost looks magical, and we are happy that it happened because in past few years every step taken by DC films has been a misfire but the casting of Joe Manganiello is one the best decisions made by them. Countless fan arts pushed DC films to cast the actor in the role, and renowned Boss logic created one of them. Today, a lot of studios are listening to the voice of fans as we got Deadpool and it was the fans who pushed Fox to make the movie and now this.

 Joe Manganiello Deathstroke Fan Art DC

The fan art may have impacted the DC Extended Universe. While speaking at Melbourne’s Oz Comic-Con Joe added that Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck were discussing the future of solo Batman movie and wanted to introduce Deathstroke into the DCEU which led to Joe Berg googling the character and role landing in the hands of the versatile actor. BossLogic also shared his views when he came to learn about the news shared by Joe. He took on Instagram to share his joy and posted a heart-warming response.

Unfortunately, things are not going well for both Deathstroke and DC universe itself. The character was supposed to appear in the Batman movie and shooting for that was to begin at the beginning of the year 2017. However, with Ben Affleck stepping down from the writing and directing duties of the movie and Matt Reeves was brought in to take the helm of the project. Since then it is not clear whether Joe Manganiello’ Deathstroke will be part of the movie or not.

Still, there is hope that the character may appear in some Justice League sequel down the line. As at the end of Justice League teased the formation of ‘League of Doom’. In comics ‘League of Doom’ is the team of supervillains united against the Justice League. From the ending of Justice League, it looks like Lex Luthor and Deathstroke will be the founding member, and we may see Joker joining the league in future. However, all this is hypothetical right now because currently dozens of movies are in development at DC and the head honchos have no clear vision.

 Joe Manganiello Deathstroke Fan Art DC

Recently the news broke out of solo Joker movie starring Jared Leto in the lead which looks utterly confusing because at present almost six other films having Joker in it are in development and one of them is Todd Phillips directed Joaquin Phoenix starrer solo Joker movie. To summarize, nothing is written in stone for DC and nobody knows what they have in their mind. We all can hope that Joe Manganiello gets to play the Deathstroke in the near future.

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