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Debacle of ‘Justice League’ Leads to Restructuring at DC Films

Will Warner Bros. get everything right this time?

Maybe Warner Brother is coming to its senses after the failure of Justice League at the box office. Yes, I know movie got mixed reviews and earned reasonably well, however as compared to its competitor Avengers it stood nowhere near. DC films never got their formula right in these many years. There was a number of changes made to each movie except Wonder Woman before release to make them successful. With so many failures at their hands, Warner Brothers now want to bring DCEU back on its track.

As per the reports from Variety, there will be changes in the management at DC. Jon Berg who was brought it in to replace Geoff Johns after the massive debacle of Batman vs. Superman will be leaving his role as the producer of DC universe. The main problem with WB is that they always got a person who is not connected to comics to take the DC universe forward. As we came to know that Jon Berg was never excited about the role he got. WB should learn from the Marvel as they reached the correct person the first time itself who loved comics and had a vision. Now we all can see what Kevin Feige has done, and he is still going strong.

Is Zack Synder a reason for DC’s debacle?

Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich is thinking of merging the offices of WB and DC to keep an eye on the regular developments. The overhaul at the DC will begin early next year. The high execs at WB are also not happy with the work of Zack Snyder. As they didn’t like his vision regarding the Justice League and his execution related to film’s villain. However, unfortunately, he had to leave the movie in the middle, and Joss Wheadon was brought in to make the rest of the film, which led to corrections in the story.

Now, its almost confirm that Zack Synder won’t be returning to the DC universe as a director of any movie. Warner Bros. had many issues with each of their films as we come face to face with news which reports that either the star is leaving the movie or director.

Future of DC Universe

As for the future of DC films, Ben Affleck is leaving the director ‘Matt Reeves’ The Batman, as the filmmaker has started looking for the ‘fresh talent’ to cast in the role of Batman. Currently, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm are the front-runners for the role. However, Ben Affleck will portray the Caped Crusader one last time in the Flashpoint movie. Other DC movies are on the right track for now, as James Wan-directed Aquaman will release next year in November. Along with that Fans are eagerly waiting for the Wonder Woman 2 production to kick off.

We hope that Warner Bros. get everything correct this time and we don’t come across another sad from the DCEU.





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