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Jessica Jones Star Krysten Confirms ‘The Defenders’ Season 2 Unlikely to Happen

Marvel Jessica Jones Season 2 got released a few days back and till this point is getting a mixed bag of reviews. However, one aspect which is unanimous in every review is that the season 2 story doesn’t feel to have a connection with last years superhero ensemble The Defenders. It gives the impression that creators completely forgot about that started from the end of season 1. The reason behind this moves seems to be the lacklustre performance of the much-anticipated crossover. The eight-episode long series lacked the punch we expected from it.

In her recent interview with Vulture, the Jessica Jones star expressed her doubts over the season 2 of The Defenders. She said “Well, I think Jessica was pretty well received. People were excited to see her again, so that made us happy because Jessica is the next up […] “Y’know, I had a great time doing The Defenders, and honestly, it was such a good experience that I would even do it again. I don’t think we are doing it again. It was never intentioned to do it again, but, you know, if I were given another opportunity, I would.”


It’s heartbreaking to learn about this news as everything was just going fine on the Marvel TV universe until Iron fist came along and then with that Defenders also got tanked. She continued talking and explained that “Jessica Jones is her priority because of the subject matter and because of the great drama that we get to do and the personal issues that we explore. For me, that is more the type of content that I enjoy as a viewer and as a performer. My heart is in Jessica Jones, but I did have a great time doing The Defenders with the guys. We had a good time. It is what it is.”

We know that the Defenders lacked at various points but wholly made a fun watch. The series took long to bring all the superheroes together and after their union, putting Iron fist at the centre of the plot took it another level down. In addition to that weak antagonists made it an uninteresting watch. The only definite point was the moments where superheroes interacted with each other.

We know that Marvel got many things wrong for the first season but after that entirely shelving the crossover event will be counted as another poor move. As without various characters interacting with each other will take away the charm of each series.  At this front DC, tv universe is doing exceptionally well as they plan out a crossover event every year which bumps up their rating by a considerable margin as a fan I want to see how my favourite superhero interacts with the outer environment.

With Defenders being shelved this might bring the interaction to almost an end. However, Marvel can still spice things up by bringing characters like Luke Cage and Iron fist together in their subsequent series. The same was done during Jessica Jones season 1, and that worked out pretty well. After looking at the updates regarding Defenders, it ensures us that currently, Marvel has a lot to work on the television front. As many decisions have misfired and to attract the fans back, they will have to come up with a formidable plan like they did on big screen.

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