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How to automatically Delete less used apps in iOS 11

Delete less used apps in iOS 11 !!

While iOS 11 brings a lot of new features to the Apple devices and which are really handy in day today life. A less talked or known feature allow you to remove the older ( unused) application automatically. This feature automatically removes the less used apps to save the memory of your device and make its performance fast. So Do you also want to enable this feature. Read on further to know how to automatically delete less used apps in iOS 11.

Interestingly this new feature of iOS 11 only remove the lesser used applications but the files or documents ever created by these apps remains intact.
Here are the steps how

Step 1. Just head over to Settings> General> Storage.

Step 2. Now activate the “Offload unused Apps” option. A green color indicator confirms that the feature is enabled.
Delete less used apps in iOS 11A another way to enable this feature is by Going to Settings and finding the App Store icon. Now under App store find the option “Offload unused Apps” and enable it.

That’s all How to automatically delete apps in iPhone . From now onwards the iOS will automatically remove the less used apps keeping the data or files intact. In case you change your mind ,you can disable this option by following the above steps easily.

Note : This feature to automatically remove the less used apps is only available in the New iOS 11. So iPhone running on lower version will not be able to use this feature.

It is not worth to keep an App just because you might use it one day. As the Apps occupy lot of space of your phone and is directly related to the performance of your device. So it’s better to keep the Apps which you use frequently. So we do recommend you to enable this new feature to automatically remove the not used apps.


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