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‘Den of Thieves’ Trailer Review!! Is It Just Another Cheesy Action Movie?

What The Hell is Gerard Butler Doing with His Career!!

Gerald Butler is known for his excellent work in movie ‘300’, however now he has fallen into the pile of disaster movies. He gave last successful film ‘The Law Abiding Citizen’ in the year 2009 with co-star Jamie Foxx. Every year his 2 to 3 movies are released, and they go entirely under the radar of audience because of poor quality. Now Butler is back with another action-thriller film by the name of ‘Den of Thieves’.

The final trailer of the was released, and that two-minute video gave the whole premise of the movie away. The trailer is full of loud noises, car chases, gunfire noises and unnecessary rap music in the background. Even the two minutes of the trailer looks boring and thinking about the entire movie gives me a headache. The one thing that is common between Gerard Butler’s other bad movies and this one is that he looks completely uninterested in the film. It seems that he is doing every movie for the sake of money only. The movie also stars 50-cent in the supporting role, which makes no difference to me.

Den Of Thieves Plotline –

The story revolves around the group of most successful bank robbers who plan to execute the impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank and corrupt LA police officer Nick Flanagan portrayed by Gerald Butler. As the movie progresses, it follows the intersecting and often personally connected lives of robbers and LA police officer. Christian Gudegast has written and directed the film. His earlier work is mediocre which includes movies like Olympus has Fallen & A Man Apart for which he wrote the screenplay.

I will be too optimistic if I say that I am hopeful for the movie. After seeing the trailer and recent work of the people who are involved in this project. However, I am always ready to be amazed and proven wrong whenever I say the movie will not be a good one.

Den of Thieves Cast, Director & Release Date –

Cast – Gerard Butler, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Evan Jones, Dawn Olivieri, Mo McRae and Max Holloway
Director – Christian Gudegast
Release Date – January 19, 2018

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