Thursday, August 4, 2022
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Destiny 2 with Alexa

Bungie’s complete online facade after halo was quite popular until gamers actually played it and found it senseless fun.Destiny was quite fun as it was one of the games where u just enjoy killing other players in PVP mode.

PVE mode was terrible, the lore of the game itself was lacking at times.

This year at E3, Destiny 2  announced and launched in September.Destiny 2 came up with a lot of UI, Story & Mechanic changes.


Still, it wasn’t enough to stop gamers ranting about the game’s story and its lore. Before even the 1st expansion rolled out, Bungie announced its collaboration with Amazon’s voice assistant device – “Alexa”.

Alexa can let you have control over the following aspects of the game:

  • Save your Loadout(While playing Strike, Nightfall, Crucible, Raid)
  • Change your loadout while in menu
  • Current status of your guardian.
  • Clan summary

Is it a good move or bad, We just let it all leave it to you guys.


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