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Destiny 2 Crisis-Will it get better?

Destiny 2 has been in news for quite a long time and it’s all bad for Bungie at this time.

The game is an online multiplayer and campaign is all about killing the boss with all of those abilities you have. Destiny 2 was the latest installment and been in news for its bad parts in the game. The game started well with its bigger cinematics and story but lacked in its multiplayer. The more you play this game, you will encounter the flaws in the game and lesser the end-game content.

Destiny 2’s latest issue is its microtransaction and with that, the light is upon ‘Tess Everis’ aka Eververse trading company. Tess sells bright engram loot boxes and yes they are costly. The Activision’s blizzard game Overwatch have their loot boxes too but way cheaper. Destiny 2 isn’t paid to win but Bungie should include overwatch type loot boxes to make it more purchasable and interesting.

Tess sells loot boxes for silver(game currency) and you can buy silver from PlayStation Store. 100 Silver is equal to $1. Destiny 2 loot boxes cost $1.38 and overwatch’s loot boxes cost $0.80.The items you get by opening destiny 2 loot boxes are :

  • some shader
  • mods
  • a loot item, ghost shell or loot-exclusive armor piece, a skin for an exotic gun, some bright dust or emote.

The pricing is the real issue and also the item it contains.

We hope to see Bungie really fixes all of these persisting issues and will enhance the end game content for its players.


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