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Destiny 2 Orcale Chest And Puzzle Locations Guide

Latest quest in Destiny 2 is full of secrets and mysterious to be uncovered. Last week, players uncovered a mysterious Vex gate hidden in the jumping maze while doing the whisper’s exotic quest. There are glowing oracles in the raid, and if players shoot them in the correct order, they can acquire new ships’ schematics. There are total seven oracles and to spawn all seven oracles players have to find five secret chests. Our Destiny 2 guide will help to find the location of all chests and puzzle locations.

Destiny 2 Guide- Secret Chests Locations

Oracle Chest 1 Location

Destiny 2 Guide

After destroying the Taken Blight in the lost sector drops down usually. When you will about to make the extended jump to the platform having moving parts, you will see a li section of wall just right from you. It will lead you to the first Oracle Chest.

Oracle Chest 2 Location

Oracle Chest

The second chest can be found in the Portal room. Instead of going Portal in the normal way, go through the leftmost Portal furthest in the back and you will see the chest inside the Portal.

Oracle Chest 3 Location

Oracle Chest

When you go back to the back-right portal and reach the mossy room with all the platforms after some jumping and walking. Look for an opening to your left and you will see another opening after going in. The third chest will be in there.

Oracle Chest 4 Location

Finding 4th chest is most difficult in all and it requires to progress the entire mossy platform without any shortcuts. Instead of our instructions, it will be better for you to watch the walkthrough video from 5:30.

Destiny 2 Guide- Oracle Chest 5 Location

After following the chest four path, you will enter a room with a Vex Portal. Jump to the lit location and keep jumping some platforms while following the path.

Destiny 2 Guide

When you will reach the Vex Portal go through it and you will see a pole-like platform. Make a jump to it and then again jump to the right. You will see the fifth chest there.

Destiny 2 Guide

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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