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Devi 2 Tamil Full movie download leaked by Tamilrockers

Devi 2 is neither entertaining nor engaging. Despite sincere performances by Tamannaah and Prabhudeva, the film has been let down by its poor writing.

Tamil film’s tryst with awfulness satire proceeds with AL Vijay’s most recent movie Devi 2. Like most movies in this type in the recent past, it has nothing working to support it. The film leaves one pondering with respect to why a sequel was even made. Everything that worked in the last movie, including the awfulness sub-plot with decent comedy, crashes and burns in the sequel. This film is for the most part horrendous and has positively no redeeming moments.

The piracy giant Tamil Rockers took no time to leak the movie. Devi 2 Tamil Movie 2019 is available for download and is circulating on Torrents and various other sharing websites.

The biggest selling point of Devi was this: A ghost signs a contract, to get back to her boyfriend. It was a rare and genuinely fun film from Vijay, that he himself might have felt proud of. The sequel, too, is largely modelled on Devi, but is a colossal failure.

Devi 2 Tamil Movie

Despite the fact that the ghost Ruby has left the gullible Devi (Tamannaah), her husband Krishna (Prabhu Deva) feels insecure whether his wife would get into the peril zone once more. So he requests transfer and moves to Mauritius. The couple also has a two year old little girl yet they leave her with their grandparents in India. In Mauritius, Krishna gets controlled by two ghosts Alex and Ranga Reddy (companions of Ruby!!)
What’s the unfulfilled wish of these two ghosts? How they are going to achieve their dreams through Krishna?

Devi 2 Tamil Movie HD

To close, it’s difficult to state what is all the more humiliating in Devi 2, a terrible quality horror comedy from director Vijay who has totally lost his form.


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