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Devil May Cry V in developement , huge leaks reveals

Devil May Cry a big and loving franchise. Its fifth part is coming and in development. But its introduction or unveil get spoil by the huge leak. New post of ResetEra forum claims huge leak about game’s release, details, and gameplay.

Leaked Details:

According to the post,  the game is the direct sequel to original devil may cry series and will serve as the fifth installment in the franchise.

Release Date and Production Rumours :

  • Developers are using Unreal Engine 4 in the game.
  • The game will release in the fiscal calendar year of 2019.
  • There will be a demo of the game before release.
  • According to the leaker, that game is in development since 2015.

Characters And Story

  • Game will continue its story after the events of DMC4
  • As the trend of multiple playable characters, there will 3 playable characters in-game as per leak in which Dante is one of them. No news of Virgil as a playable character.
  • Characters can be switch during the game .
  • Devil May Cry V can be the end of the “Sons Of Sparda” storyline.
  • The “Prince of darkness” is the main antagonist of the story
  • Trish has a major role in DMCV but no confirmation that she is playable or not.


  • The hard lock is standard.There is no stamina bar
  • The game is developed to run at 60 fps on consoles like previous DMC games.
  • Style system will have advantages on certain enemies lie DmC/DMC3

Platform :

According to the leak, the game is very likely to launch first on PS4  and then on PC after some time. For other platforms, it is now unclear.

You can see the full leak here.


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