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Die Trying Review – Kenny Sebastian’s Creation is Music to Both Heart & Brain

Amazon Prime Video’s Die Trying is a story of two friends living in Banglore who want to make it big in Music. The first season of the series was released today which focuses on music, love and a humorous story. Kenny Sebastian makes his debut on the acting front with this series.

The first glimpse looked engaging, and series has a vast potential to be a hit because of the presence of Kenny and refreshing content that has similarities to western sitcoms. Currently, there are various small series running on Youtube, which are from widely popular channels like TVF, AIB, Timeliners, etc. to name a few. Die Trying also sits in that genre but with the backing of the big brand name.

Talking about the show I didn’t have much expectation from it however from the first episode; it struck the right chords of my heart. The lighter tone and comical characters make it a great watch. It feels like a dose of relaxation after a hectic day at work. The plot of the series revolves around two childhood friends who want to make it big as a band. Ironically, they have the appropriate number of members to call it a band, i.e., two. Both of them are opposite one being calm and other being aggressive which adds flavor to the story.

The best thing about the series is that creator has focused on generating original music as it is the central part of the series. To add to the perfection each episode’s name is derived from the iconic rock songs. The series tries to capture their struggle in the city of Bengaluru in 2004 and leaves us anticipating will they make it big??

We know that story is not new but still feels refreshing because of its unique presentation and a fantastic cast. Kenny is the lead, but other actors get an equal amount of screen presence which is another positive. The show nicely puts the value of never giving up and asks you to keep trying no matter what. Both lead characters face different issues throughout their journey, i.e., being rejected by their love, their friendship comes apart but in the end what matters is that you kept on trying and chose the path which lets you live your dream. The love angle between Kenneth and Soundraya doesn’t have that spark that makes you root for their togetherness. However, on the other side, you feel for Rohan as he gets kicked when he ever he wants to express his love.

The series nicely captures the teenage angst and desire to achieve which slowly dies down as you grow older. You start making the compromise. So without giving spoilers ending left me little unfulfilling, it should have approached it differently, and that is bugging me. Currently, we don’t think it will come back for season 2 and the season 1 marks the end of pretty good series.


The direction by Khuzema Haveliwala is superb and crisp which is backed by soothing music. The title track is bang on, and it gets into your head. Each actor has done a swell job especially Vidyuth Gargi as Rohan, and Adarsh Gaurav as Jason both of them are a just pure gem.

Overall, Die Trying is light-hearted and comical series that focuses on friendship along with that try to tell viewers never to stop trying. The small flaw in the series is the ending which leaves unsatisfied. However, its a great series to binge watch and have a good laugh over the weekend.

Rating – 4/5 stars

Check out all the episodes now on Amazon Prime Video and let us know your views on it!!

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