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Dinosaur sounds in Salty Springs adds mystery in Fortnite Season 5

The strange order of events is not stopping in the Fortnite. After the inclusion of the giant purple cube at the Paradise Palms location in the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Now the players are reporting sounds of dinosaurs coming from the Salty springs. This voice of dinosaur may be related to the purple cube which added to the game yesterday.

There is no physical appearance of the dinosaur in the game, but the slogan for Season 5 “World Collide” could be related to it.

Dinosaur sounds in Salty Springs

Dinosaur sounds in Salty Springs

In the video below you can hear the strange dinosaur sound coming from the salty springs which could be connected to a mix of time zones.

Dinosaur sounds in Salty Springs

The files leaked from the datamined sources also give us a little confirmation on the same with the description mentioned Dinosaur_Park

Some players after analysing the datamined file are suggesting that Wailing Woods can receive the major changes and it can be converted to Jurassic Jungle.

As you can read from the file above it is mentioned Tyrannosaurus Rex, so the voice of the dinosaur could be of this dinosaur.

With the inclusion of giant purple cube to the game and dinosaurs sounds coming from salty springs suggests major changes can come to the map in the Season 6 or this could be the platform which will result in changes in the upcoming season of the Fortnite Battle Royale Game

Epic Games have also released update V5.30 just two days back, you can find all its details here 


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