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How to disable lock screen notifications in iOS with steps

How to disable lock screen notifications in iOS !!
All our notifications appear on lock screen of our smartphone from multiple apps and services and is really handy to view and even we can reply directly from there , but did it come at the cost of your privacy? Today we taking specially about the notifications on iOS. On ios all the notifications appear on the lock screen.However to view notifications passcode is required. But notifications preview appear on the lock screen which can be read or seen by anyone. Your friend can read the all your private message on the lock screen without even knowing your password. So your privacy is at risk. Don’t worry , today we are here to talk about this that how to disable lock screen notifications in iOS .

Disable Lock Screen Notifications in iOS 11

Note ::All the notification for all apps cannot be disabled at once. You have to select each one manually for which you want the notifications should not be displayed on your lock screen. However most important apps are what’s app, messenger , Facebook , Instagram ie all social media apps ,others apps notifications might not bother you. So disable notifications only for those apps which are your top priority. Follow the given steps to do the same.

Step 1. Head over to “Settings” app on your iOS device and open the “Notifications” icon. Now within the notifications scroll and find the application for which you want to disable notifications on your lock screen.
How to disable lock screen notifications in iOS
Step 2. Now after Choosing the app, next menu will appear where you will find an option “Show on Lock Screen” . So turn it off, and you will not receive notifications on lock screen for this particular application.
How to disable lock screen notifications in iOS
That’s all , the process was pretty won’t receive any sort of notifications on lock screen from this app.
If you want to this for the other apps like Facebook , messenger etc .Repeat the following procedure.

Note :: Even after disabling the notifications for a app, you will still get the alert tone or your phone will vibrate if it is on Vibration mode.But it is sure notifications will no more seen on lock screen.

But wait.Here is something more.

Disable Notification Previews in iOS 11 Lock Screen

So now you have disabled lock screen notifications for your top priority apps. Now the next things which you should do it to disable the lock screen preview. Which shows the notifications preview for barely a second.But this time in enough for anyone to Read your private message.

So to disable the notification preview, head over to Settings -> Notifications and tap on “Show Previews” on your iOS device.
In the next up select “When Unlocked” to enable previews only after the device has been unlocked by the secured passcode or after verification of touch ID.

How to disable lock screen notifications in iOS

Note:: Unlike the lock screen notifications,, notification preview will be enabled or disabled once for all apps at a time. There is no option to disable preview for a particular app , all apps notification preview will be disabled at once.

Final verdict for How to disable lock screen notifications in iOS

So that all for how to disable lock screen notifications in iOS 11. By this process your notifications will not appear on the lock screen for the app you have selected. So your private messages will remain hidden. if you have any other query regarding notifications on iOS feel free to ask below in comments section.


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