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Disaster Artist Review Detail & Rating !! Must Watch Movie

The Room (2003) is regarded as ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’, considered a movie that is so bad that it is good.The Disaster Artist film is based on the New York best-selling book with the same name, written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. The film follows the friendship between Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. It gives a detailed look at the making of The Room and how this affected them both respectively.

This movie is absolutely brilliant. James Franco gives a hilarious yet troubled performance as the
mysterious and eccentric Tommy Wiseau. One could even go as far as saying his performance is
Oscar worthy. This film also included many other great performances, one of which was Dave
Franco’s portrayal of Greg Sestero. This film is a heartfelt tribute to the ‘American Dream’ that Tommy Wiseau is famously known to admire. The film has a somewhat ‘moral’ focus, in that ‘film’ incorporates many different layers of interpretation and cannot be judged in relation to conformist sensibilities. It does this by demonstrating The Room was Tommy Wiseau’s ‘Passion Project’, a therapeutic expression of
himself; and instead of receiving amazing reviews it gained Cult Status, which could be viewed as an
even bigger success in the long term. The film is a homage to both cinema and friendship. As a fan of The Room I went in to watch this movie thinking I wouldn’t find out anything new, but I was so wrong. This film takes you on a journey with the main characters and you really get to see the development of their relationship build as the film goes on. I also appreciate how the characterization of Tommy shrouds him in mystery even more.

Disaster Artist Review Detail

This film has a sense of realism. Everything you see on the screen actually happened. Wiseau himself said that the original book was only 40% true, yet he stated the film was 99.9% true. The only problem I have with this movie is it’s pacing. This film uses the year to year method in which a film skips a year for a scene but this film uses it perhaps too much. Also, at the beginning of the film, there are key people from the film industry (actors and director) stating their views on The Room which is in no way bad, but it makes the film feel like a documentary when it’s meant to be a biopic.

In conclusion, The Disaster Artist is one of the best films this year and is the lovely ode to cinema. Many
of its best scenes are showcased in the trailer, giving it away somewhat. However, I highly
recommend this movie.

Rating – 4.5/5 stars


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