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Disney Acquires Fox !! Star Wars and Marvel Universe Just became Awesomest

Wolverine & Deadpool are coming to Avengers!! Thanks to Disney

The whole entertainment world is about to change. As we just got the news that Disney has acquired the 21st Century Fox’s Film and TV Studios in a crazy deal of $52 billion. The acquisition covers the movie studio 20th century Fox, the company’s Fox Television, Fox-owned cable networks.

Future of Movies

This acquisition will change the whole dynamics of the movies as we know because think of a studio who knows world’s most significant franchises. Now, they have rights to original Star Wars film (also known as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope). Disney even gets all the intellectual properties of Fox, which includes mainly of comic book characters from X-Men and Fantastic Four. During the press release as Disney mentioned this acquisition would allow them to create more vibrant, more complex worlds of inter-related characters and stories. Now we crazy fans can one day in coming years see Wolverine or Deadpool doing a crossover into Marvel cinematic universe.


Disney who is planning to start their own streaming services in competition to Netflix, now even has more intellectual content to woo the audience. Disney just became a behemoth which will rule the world of entertainment like no one else had. Think of the day when Walt Disney was rejected by the newspapers for his cartoons. He would have never imagined in his wildest dream that one day, he will own this much and will be the undisputed king of entertainment.

There are some grey areas are also under this acquisition right now. As we don’t know, what will happen to the future R-rated projects of Fox As Disney has made movies from families perspective? Will the creative vision of various directors be hammered by this big deal or they will have all the freedom to generate path-breaking film like Deadpool. However, I am damn excited about this, and my heart is beating like hell. Finally, Wolverine is coming home and this brings tears of joy to my eyes. This is the day I will surely remember until the end as it brought me ultimate happiness as a fan of comic book movies.


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